Impact Doors

Forcefield’s Impact Rated fiberglass exterior doors are made up of two key parts. First, the exterior is a resin based, fiberglass skin that acts as the shield to everyday life, if it is weather, or pets or children being rough and tough on them. The second is the insulated foam core. The Polyurethane Foam Core is very dense (think of how a boat is made) and is what provides the insulation of the door and protect against extreme temperature changes. In Florida, it can be 25 degrees and 75 degrees in the same day. If you have metal or wood doors, your home is most likely going to not perform near as well from a heating and cooling standpoint as if you have fiberglass doors.
The foam core is also a sound barrier and provides insulation up to six times greater than wood doors. 

Impact rated with no rust, no dings, no rot, no warp, no problems.

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