Forcefield Garage Door Wind Control Screen Kit 90×200

Multi-weave screen that can fit larger openings. Can make a lanai area into a hurricane safe room when enclosed.

Overhead Garage Door Protection
This is a complete kit that includes:

  • (1) 90″wide by 200″long Forcefield Wind Screen- grommets top and bottom as you look at the door
  • (20) Male Panelmate Fasteners-across the top
  • (40) Wingnuts- 20 each for the top and bottom
  • (4) 5 foot pieces of 12″ O/C Stud Angle
  • (16) Lead Anchors- 4 for each piece of track
  • (16) 1″ Sidewalk Bolts to secure the Track

The Forcefield Wind Control Screens are a great product for easy installation, easy deployment, they’re easy to store and they are translucent. You can use them to enclose a lanai, a front entry, custom windows and all other openings. They can go around corners and over “Bay” windows and other protrusions that the traditional panels can’t cover. They even protect your garage overhead door! The screens have been determined to block 95% of the wind and will turn driven rain into a light mist. (see here)These screens are an effective way to protect the envelope of the home by filling in the opening and keeping the pressure changes inside the home from changing. These screen meet all Florida Building Code and all High Velocity Wind Zone (HVWZ) requirements for wind and impact resistance.
NOTE: the size of 90 wide by 200 refers to the industry standard for measuring an opening and determines the mounting points in most applications.